The pros and cons of living in the countryside in Thailand

I grew up in the city, and always hated it. I knew I was a “farm girl” at heart. The city was too crowded, and too competitive. In my 40’s I moved to 10 acres in the country. It has not been easy, but knowing what the pros and cons of rural (country) life are, helps one decide if they are willing and ready live in the countryside in Thailand. For more Thailand property options visit a Thailand-based property website specializing on Thailand villas and condos.

Cons of Rural Living
1. The quiet you longed for is filled with coyote sounds at night, snow mobile sounds in the winter, and the sound of your own voice yelling at the deer to stop eating your tulips.
2. If you have school aged children they may be faced with up to an hour on the school bus twice a day.
3. Your nearest neighbor may be over a mile away. For some people this can be isolating.
4. Shopping is generally not convenient. While you may not think this is a big deal, some items, such as milk, are staples that you may need to purchase several times a week.
5. Unless you are independently wealthy, or are farming as a source of income, job opportunities are scarce or may require a lengthy drive.
6. Mechanics and most services are hard to find. In the city, if your car breaks down, you can always make due with a taxi or bus until it is fixed. In the country, how are you even going to get home from the mechanic after leaving your vehicle there?
7. Internet and Television services may be worse. My husband and I still are on dial up Internet.
8. Restaurants and Entertainment are not easily available. Driving involves time, expense, and planning.
9. Those coyotes mentioned above, could be a threat to any livestock you might keep, or even your family pets.

Pros of Rural Living
1. You will probably have friendly neighbors. They may be 2 miles away or more, but they still consider themselves as your neighbor. If you have a problem and need a hand, you can generally find a neighbor able to help.
2. Distant Neighbours. I don’t like the idea of a person looking out their window right into my yard, or home. In the country you have more privacy and do not feel that somebody is always watching you.
3. You can have some of the pets you always wanted, but are not allowed in the city. Pheasants, sheep, cows, llamas, or horses! Might I even suggest you have a few chickens?

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