Learn how to wear a men’s scarf


We know very well that there are plenty of accessories for both women and men, but we never asked how to wear them. Shawls and scarves are suitable in all 4 seasons of the year, both to keep warm, and to complete the outfit. If the focus is usually on the women, now we focus on the men to help with advice on how they can wear scarves. Some men use these fashion accessories to protect the neck from the cold, and most use them to complete their outfit.
What do we know about shawls and scarves? That they are pieces made of different materials and have different shapes. There are scarves and shawls made of wool, silk, cashmere, linen, cotton and other materials that are as square, rectangular or circular. To wear these scarves you can simply add them to your outfit or follow a few rules and tips that will help you look better every time. Each season certain types of scarves are recommended.
Any man reaches a point where he does not know how to match the scarf to his outfit, and that requires just a little imagination and some tips to be taken into account.

You can find below a list of tips for men who want to match the scarf to the outfit:

You can try the Parisian knot, one of the most popular ways of arranging this piece of clothing. Put the scarf in half, then pass the two ends through the created bend and there it is: the so famous Parisian knot, which harmonizes perfectly with a leather jacket.
Another way elegantly wear a scarf is to make a simple and extremely comfortable knot. Many men wear the scarf at work in this way with a stylish blazer.
If you want to have an outdoor adventurer vibe, wrap the scarf around your neck once, bringing both ends in front and take the jacket on top. Also, do not forget to leave the scarf lighter around the neck.
If you want to give the feeling of a romantic, wrap the scarf in the same way, only more tightly around the neck and bring the two ends at the same level. Accessorize this way to a simple blouse with high collar.
In the cold season, you shouldn’t miss a thick scarf made out of wool or cotton. It is preferably to opt for a scarf that is long and wide, to be able to experience various forms of arranging it. Whether your accessory is long and narrow, large and square, with a rare fabric or thick, you can arrange it to your own liking or after some very simple methods. There are a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose whatever you like. A long and thick scarf can be worn wrapped around the neck once or several times. You can choose to do a knot in front of or simply let it hang, in a hipster style. Large square or triangular scarves can follow the same styles. The easiest scarfs to wear is the circular scarf around your neck.
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